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Welcome to the Castellorizo Genealogy Pages. This site represents many years of research by the webmaster, Allan, and by the many contributors to this site. I hope that you can find something on this site that will prove useful to your knowledge about your own family history.

Note that from April 2011 access to this website is only available by either:

Registering - To have access to information on ALL individuals and ALL photos you are required to register. On the registration page please do indicate the reason for the access (ie. "My grandmother was an Xanthis"). Without some validation for your need to register, access to information on living persons will not be available. If you wish to have full access to the database, you will need to REGISTER HERE. Approval is then granted, when appropriate, within 24 hours.

If however you just wish to casually visit prior to registering you can gain access to ALL deceased individuals information and their photos. Under the registration tag at LOGIN just type USERNAME: guest & PASSWORD: guest (lower case).

This site has been constructed utilising information compiled and obtained over many years by both the Webmaster and numerous contributors. Much of the information has been obtained from newspaper, cemetery and official records which are often open for interpretation with resultant incorrect data being listed. Additional information and corrections are always appreciated and is acknowledged by way of listing the "Source" person . Contact the webmaster if you would like your Cazzie family entered onto this website.

Numerous photographs and media items can be viewed on this website and we are always looking for additional Castellorizian photographs.

I am constantly uncovering new information and updating the pages, so check back periodically (see the What's New page for the latest updates).

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Allan (Agapitos)

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In Search of my Cassie Heritage - An article on the Castellorizian ancestry of Allan Cresswell complete with interviews conducted with his mother, Cynthia Pamela (nee Karasavas) and other family members. Numerous photographs are displayed, both from Greece and Australia. Consists of 15 chapters.
How to Search, Source and Supply
- A detailed account on the best ways to search, source and supply information to the website - A MUST READ AND DOWNLOAD

Most Wanted - I am looking for information about these families this month. Can you help?

Who is Allan the Webmaster? - Background on the webmaster and site manager - Allan (Agapitos) Cresswell.

What's New
- View the latest updates made to the site.

Castellorizo Cemetery Headstone Transcriptions
- The headstones at Castellorizo Cemetery transcribed into English.

How to Add Info to the Cazzie Geni Website - The easiest ways to supply your Family History information to the Webmaster

Brazil Book - The Greeks in Brazil - Transcribed into English this book by Savas Apostolos Pitsikas details the ealy Greeks into Brazil. Many Castellorizian families are mentioned. Available for download here in pdf format - courtesy of Evan Kakulas who arranged and paid for the transcription into English.

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If you have any questions, comments or would like to share research with me, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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9 Jan 2022 - Latest update today with 46,077 persons and 16,505 families now listed on this website. Also 11,186 media items and 1,565 sources of information. In addition a total of 2566 persons on this site tagged with having completed a DNA Test.

11 Feb 2024 - Latest update today with 51,269 persons and 18,229 families now listed on this website. Also 11,594 media items and 1,632 sources of information. In addition a total of 3,974 persons on this site tagged with having completed a DNA Test.